Israeli violations widen against Palestinian journalists during November of 2018. The Ministry of Information’s Government Media Office (GMO) indicated, in its monthly report, that further Israeli violations occurred against Palestinian journalists in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank, and Jerusalem.

37 violations were documented, and extended to include: arrests, physical assaults, barring from trial and banning from coverage. The physical assaults and direct targeting occupied the highest figure of the Israeli violations. Some 19 Palestinian journalists were assaulted and injured, due to live Israeli bullets, rubber-coated bullets, tear gas canisters, sound bombs and beatings.


The report showed that the injuries included that of more than 13 Palestinian journalists wounded during the Great March of Return, in the eastern borders in the Gaza Strip. Another 6 Palestinian journalists were injured in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.


Israeli forces targeted Al-Aqsa Channel’s building, completely destroying it. Moreover, Thouraya Institute for media was partially damaged, due to nearby bombardment.


Furthermore, Israeli forces detained 5 Palestinian journalists: Thae’r Shraiteh, Nedal Abu Baker, Souzan Abu El-Hawa, Ahmed Khatib, Mahmoud Qashmar.


The army also banned Palestinian journalists from covering events and protests three times, as the report recorded three cases of movement restriction.


The report also documented three cases of raiding and ransacking of homes belonging to Palestinian journalists, before abducting the journalists.