Israeli soldiers invaded early on Sunday Nablus city, in the northern part of the West Bank, and abducted four members of the Tanzim, that belongs to Fateh, and claimed uncovering two explosive belts during the attack.An army source claimed that the invasion thwarted a suicide bombing that was planned to be carried out in the coming days, and that two “masterminds of the attack” were taken prisoner, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
Israeli military spokesperson issued two statements stating that Yousef Abdul-Qader Al Shalhi, 21, and Darwish Nimir Shafi, 24, were taken prisoner and gave the army the location of two explosive belts hidden in their apartment.

Also, soldiers took prisoner Khaled Mohammad Abu Hamad, 20, and Mahmoud Salah Maher, 23, who are believed to be connected with Shafi and Salah.
The army statement claimed that the intentions of Shafi and Salah were revealed due to a number of arrests conducted recently, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Haaretz added that resident Samah Tsufan, arrested in December 2006, told investigators that Yusef Sahli had asked him to recruit a suicide bomber.

Haaretz added that Tsufan recruited Samer Janajra, and when Janajra was brought in for questioning, he told interrogators that he had spoken with Sahli and Shafi and had agreed to their request to carry out the bombing. Janajra was meant to infiltrate Israel via the city of Tulkarem.

According to Israeli security sources, troops recently revealed that Salah and Safi were attempting to obtain explosive belts.

Meanwhile, Palestinian security sources reported the soldiers surrounded a building in Nablus and took prisoner at least four residents.
Local sources in the city reported that at least twenty military jeeps invaded Nablus before dawn and exchanged fire with resistance fighters, sounds of explosions were also heard in the area.