The Palestine Info news website run by Hamas reported on Sunday at night that members of the Preventive Security Force, loyal to Fateh movement, attacked dozens of houses that belong to Hamas supporters in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank, and abducted one member.According to the site, one of the residents reported that masked Fateh gunmen broke into his house and dozens of other houses, and demanded the families to instruct their sons to surrender.The site also reported that at least one member of Hamas was abducted by the gunmen.The resident was identified as Ziad Souqiyya, an employee at the Jenin municipality. The gunmen, according to Hamas sources, are breaking into houses in an attempt to abducted Hamas members.In a separate incident, Hamas sources reported that Fateh gunmen fire on Sunday night a mortar shell at the Executive Force headquarters in Gaza city.Islam Shahwan, spokesperson of the Executive Force, held members of Fateh who, according to Shahwan, are attempting a coup against the Hamas-led government, responsible for repeated similar attacks.Hamas charges that Fateh legislator and the previous head of the Preventive Security Force in Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan, “gave orders for his followers to start a civil war”.