The Israeli army abducted 20 Palestinian men from several West Bank cities and villages during dawn invasions on Wednesday; Palestinian sources reported.Meanwhile another Israeli army force invaded the village of Nahalin southwest of Bethlehem, and abducted 14 Palestinian men during a house-to-house search in the village.

Eyewitnesses reported that army vehicle convoys stormed the village and surrounded it. Soldiers then searched and ransacked residents homes. Eyewitnesses said troops forced the families out of the homes during the search, adding that soldiers assaulted some residents with their rifle butts.

Troops left the village several hours later, taking with them the 14 men to unknown military detention camps. Local soruces reported that Mohamed Ghayad, the Mayor of Jenata village, and two of his brothers Ibrahim and Zuhier, were taken prisoner.  Troops also took prisoner Ghassan Najajra, Saleh Najajra, and Khalil Shakarnah, the source added.

On Wednesday at dawn, the Israeli army took prisoner another three Palestinian villagers from the village of Asira Al Shamaliah north of Nablus city in the northern part of the West Bank.

Ahmad Birawi, 20, Ala Jarar'ah, 31, and Imad Yassin, 30, were kidnapped by the army during a search Israeli soldiers did of the village. Local sources stated that soldiers destroyed some of the families belongings during the search.

Siliat Al Harthia village near Jenin city in the northern part of the West Bank was also attacked by Israeli troops on Wednesday at dawn.

Soldiers entered the village from several directions, searched a number of homes then abducted Khalid Jaradat, 29, and his brother Mohamed, 25. The two were taken to an unknown destination.

In Bethlehem, troops abducted E'ze Al Deen Sudoki, 22, from Al Saff street in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when Israeli troops and vehicles stormed the street surrounding Sudoki's home. Troops searched and ransacked the house before taking Sudoki to an unknown location.

Sudoki's family said the soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs into their house and some nearby houses during the military attack.