The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported on Wednesday that mediation talks to coordinate a meeting between the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas political bureau chief in Syria, Khalid Mashal, had failed.

PNN said that Fateh legislator Ziad Abu Amro and the previous advisor of the late president Yassir Arafat, Khalid Islam, tried to coordinate for the meeting by mediating between Abbas and Mashal, but their efforts failed to achieve any positive results.

The two met with Abbas in Ramallah last Friday, and met with Mashal in Damascus, Qatar, and Cairo several times but the talks reached a dead-end.

Abbas is expected in Syria next Saturday following an official invitation from the Syrian president, Bashar Asad, but he will most likely not meet with Mashal during the visit, in spite the fact the Mashal is based in Syria.

Abbas and Asad are expected to hold talks on the latest developments in the region, especially in the Palestinian arena.