On Friday, the stormy weather in the Golan Heights carried Israeli documents over the border into the 'enemy' territory of Syria. The documents are said to be instructions for launching new anti-aircraft missiles which Israel received from the US a month ago.    

  The incident occurred when troops opened the special boxes containing the missiles, thus accidentally freeing the instructions, according to Israeli daily Maariv. As the troops were testing the missiles, the wind carried these sensitive items into the hands of the Syrian army stationed on the other side of the border.      

The fact that Israel's anti-aircraft brigade was actually slated for extinction prior to the war against Lebanon breaking out last summer does not do Israel any favours.       

While this incident is no doubt rather embarrassing for Israel, "it is not the first time that the Israelis find themselves obliged to give justifications to the Americans for the loss of 'top secrep' documents." a high-ranking Israeli military officer said.