The Palestine News Network reported on Tuesday evening that Israeli bulldozers belonging to the Jerusalem Municipality demolished two Palestinian homes in Al Sawahra Al Sharqiyya town, east of Jerusalem after claiming the they were illegally constructed.The houses belong to the Al Taweel family of nine, and the Diab family of eight. The residents were visiting relatives when their homes were bulldozed. The bulldozers also damaged a well used by the two families and some stone walls surrounding the properties.


The bulldozers also uprooted plants belonging to the two families, the Palestine News Network added.


Resident Mr. Al Taweel said that the two houses were constructed three years ago and that a court decision is pending regarding the demolishing orders, after the families appealed against them.


Al Taweel added that the families did not receive any eviction notices.


The house of Al Taweel was 60 square meters; he lived in it with his wife and seven children. Al Taweel has a heart disease and is living on social benefits.


Resident Amer Abu Diab is paralyzed and also living on social benefits. He lived in his house along with his wife and six children.


The Israeli Jerusalem Municipality has leveled seven Palestinian houses since the beginning of the year.


These violations are considered attempts to vacate the city from its native Palestinian residents, by forcing them out of its borders, especially when the Annexation Wall warping the city is completed.


It is important to understand that the settlements Israel constructs around Jerusalem are built on lands Israel has illegally annexed from the Palestinians. The Municipality calls the constructions “housing projects” although the lands belong to the Palestinian residents and the houses are only inhibited by settlers.


At least 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel, in the Palestinian territories, since September 29, 2000.