Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Thursday evening that the number of Palestinians killed during today\’s clashes in the Gaza Strip reached six, and that 89 residents were injured. The clashes took place between members of the Hamas-formed Executive Force, and the Presidential Guards.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that the civilian fatalities were identified as Arafat Khali Al Mshallah, 24, Murad Al Talla\’, 23, and Mohammad Khattab. All are members of Force 17. Also killed were Ikrami Ghneim, 23, a member of the National Security Forces, Usama Al Shimaly, 25, member of the Military Intelligence, and a sixth resident who remained unknown.

Dr. Hassanen added that at least 15 injured residents wee admitted to Kamal Adwan hospital in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, 35 residents were admitted to Al Aqsa Hospital in the Central Gaza Strip and 14 other residents, suffering serious injuries, were admitted to the Al Quds Hospital that belongs to the Red crescent.

At least eight residents were shot and injured during clashes that took place near a Palestinian military intelligence headquarters in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Head of the Egyptian Security team, Birhan Jamal Hammad, slammed the attack carried out by gunmen against Egyptian convoys transferring aid to the Presidential Guards in the central Gaza Strip.

Hammad, who is mediating between Fateh and Hamas, said that the attack cannot be justified adding that the gunmen attacked the convoys after claiming that the camions included weapons and ammunition for Abbas\’ forces.

Hammad confirmed that the camions did not include any weapons or ammunition and that it only carried civil aid. He added that the attack caused casualties.

Recent reports of weapon and ammunition camions sent by the states for Abbas\’ security forces in order to empower him in the \’fight with Hamas\’ caused a new wave of internal clashes between gunmen of the two movements.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian security delegates present in Gaza held a meeting to discuss the possible methods that would stop all violations of the declared cease-fire between Fateh and Hamas.

The delegates said that these violations could lead the area in a renewed wave of violence.The Egyptian delegates have been meeting with leaders of Fateh and Hamas over the last three days in order to implement the second article of the cease-fire deal which states that the government must maintain law and order.

Violations to the Hamas-Fateh cease-fire deal are considered a direct threat that could drag the area into another wave of violence that could also lead for dozens of civilians casualties.

>Updated From;Four People Killed as Infighting Erupts in Central Gaza Strip
Rami Al Almeghari, IMEMC – Gaza 18:33

Four Palestinians including a boy have been killed Thursday and about 30 others wounded in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medical sources said that Ramadan Shallah, 24, a presidential guard member, Murad Altala, Mohammad Khattab and a boy have been killed Thursday afternoon and at least 30 others wounded in renewed internal clashes.

Clashes first erupted between members of the Hamas executive force, belonging to the interior ministry, with the Palestinian Presidency security personnel, while the latter were driving by the Salah Eldin main road, central Gaza Strip.

The executive force intercepted a convoy of trucks, said to be loaded with logistic support, for the presidential force, a Presidential spokesman said.

The spokesman confirmed that these trucks were loaded with blankets, power generators and foods, denying Hamas\’ claims the trucks contained weapons. Witnesses told IMEMC that fierce gun battles are taking place at the entrances both the Aburaij and Nuseirat refugee camps on the Salaheldin main road in central Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said that the executive force took hostage five presidential personnel and seized their vehicle and guns. Palestinian media sources reported that the presidential force has been deployed in the area to free the hostages as well as two trucks seized by the Hamas force.

A Hamas statement earlier in the day claimed that the Presidential guards would receive weapons from an Arab country, calling this as a \’dangerous development\’ that would fuel a civil war.

Meanwhile, a joint Hamas-Fatah delegation was reportedly heading for the central area in an attempt to defuse tension.

In the meantime clashes broke out also in different parts of Gaza City such as the vicinity of the Palestinian preventive security headquarters, western Gaza and in the Zaytoun neighborhood, where a Palestinian police vehicle was set on fire.

Witnesses in northern Gaza Strip said that an outpost, belonging to the Palestinian intelligence service, was set on fire, as gun battles broke out in the area. Thursday clashes came just a couple of days after both Hamas and Fatah agreed to a ceasefire, ending bloody events that have claimed lives of dozens of Palestinians and wounded a hundred others since last Thursday.