Chief Palestinian Islamic Justice, Sheikh Taysir Tamimi is calling for massive participation in protest on Sunday to defend Al Aqsa Mosque. The Muslim holy site is under major duress as Israeli forces continue to excavate underneath, creating tunnels which threaten the foundation.Above ground Israeli forces are building settlement outposts on several confiscated plots and continue to demolish area homes. Just outside the Dome of the Rock complex, Israeli forces are building a synagogue. But the urgent call is dealing specifically with the wall on the Mosque’s west side and Sunday’s slated demolition of it and part of the Moroccan Gate area.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Jerusalem Committee and the Arab League are moving swiftly to save the East Jerusalem holy site. Sheikh Tamimi said that the sanctity of the mosque must be preserved in the face of the ‘conspiracies and procedures aimed at it’s destruction.&rdquo’.

He expressed his suspicion of the international community that has been quiet on the issue of what is happening to Jerusalem and it’s Old City.

The Sheikh also issued yet another appeal to Hamas and Fateh to end the internal fighting, pointing out that the ‘real danger to the essence of our Palestinian cause and the center of the conflict between us and the Israeli state is the Judaization of Jerusalem’.