Gaza Municipality appealed Monday to several local and international bodies including the Palestinian presidency and government, as well as other counterpart municipalities worldwide for support after the infighting has inflicted damages on the municipality.
A municipality statement read today that mayor Majed Abu Ramadan appealed to the said bodies for emergency assistance, voicing concern that the city would face humanitarian and health difficulties as more than 40 vehicles have been damaged partially or completely.

The statement pointed out that such vehicles have been used in sewage and waste water disposal, an issue that would expose the 600,000-population city to a severe health crisis.

Mayor Abu Ramada hoped that the said bodies would offer the needed assistance, calling on them to help recover the damages the city has been incurred throughout the last spate of infighting.

Infighting in Gaza broke out last Thursday and continued through to Sunday, causing the death of at least 27 Palestinians. It wounded more than 250 others and devastated many infrastructure points including governmental buildings, local universities and houses.