In a step which is observed as another chance to enforce the truce, the rival Fateh a Hamas factions agreed to conduct a mutual release of hostages that gunmen of both factions have captured.Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that Hamas and Fateh already started the release process which is expected to be concluded within the coming hours.


Hamas and Fateh also agreed to carry joint efforts to prevent similar abductions in the future.


The agreement came as a result of the cooperation and talks conducted through the Joint Cooperation Committee formed by leaders of Fateh and Hamas through extensive efforts carried by several Palestinian factions to end the violence and internal clashes.


Abdul-Hakim Awad, Fateh media spokesperson in Gaza, said that this agreement will put an end to the hostages’ crisis between the two movements.


Awad added that both factions are closely following the release process to ensure the safe released of all abductees.


On Monday at night, six members of the Presidential Guards (Force 17) were released after gunmen attacked a Presidential Security headquarters in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and abducted them.