The Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said that the bomber, who carried a suicide bombing in Eliat on Monday January 29, entered Israel through Jordan.Abu Hamad, media spokesperson on the Brigades, said in an interview with the al Shorouq Algerian newspaper, that the bomber entered Israel through Jordan “specifically through Al Aqaqa” Jordanian coastal city.


“He trained in Jordan for six months”, Abu Hamad stated, “we are saying he trained there for six months, this does not mean he was there for six months”.


He also said that the group has pictures that would be released after a while, depending on the conditions, “the pictures will prove our statements, we do not intend to create a crisis between Israel and Jordan, but we have proofs”.


Abu Hamad also said that the group depends on face-to-face communication between the fighters and groups especially since Israel monitors all sorts of electronic communication.   


 “The enemy has advanced technology to monitor everybody, every foiled bombing was foiled due to this technology used by Israel”, Abu Hamad added, “Therefore, we are back to the old war, the face-to-face war”.


Three Israelis, and the bomber, were killed in the suicide bombing, the Islamic Jihad named the bomber as Mohammad Al Saqsaq, 21.