Israeli army forces have injured five Palestinians three internationals and abducted three others in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.
Israeli army forces attacked the house of Antar and his brother Nure Al Baradi’e, troops searched and ransacked the houses then abducted them and took them to unknown locations, during the military operation clashes erupted.

Local youth hurled stones at the invading soldiers who responded by fire large amounts of tier gas and rubber coated rounds.

During the clashes eight civilians were injured among them three internationals working for the Christian Peace Makers Teems in Hebron city. Medical sources stated that the eight injures were admitted in the local public hospital due to tier gas inhalation.

Abd Al Hafith Al Hashlamun, a photographer for the Associated press AP was taking photos of Israeli soldiers attacking a Palestinian old man during to days clashes, journalists who were in the scene reported that soldiers noticed Al Hashlamun they jumped on him beat him up and then abducted him to unknown location.

The clashes are still ongoing in several parts of the old city, local sources added.