Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya of Hamas, stated Monday that the international community including the US should respect the Palestinian people’s will.
Haniya was speaking in a televised speech after arriving in Gaza following the Makkah deal, in which rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas agreed to a national unity government.

“the US should not act within a double standard policy”, Haniya stated.

The Palestinian PM was quoted as saying “this agreement has allowed all concerned parties to deal with the Palestinian politics within the Palestinian-Palestinian harmony in a way that would put an end the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people ”.

“We have now two wills; the democratic elections and the latest agreement in Makkah, therefore, the months-long siege should come to an end”, Haniya stressed.

Haniya also made a reference to four main points the Makkah deal involved; ceasing infighting, forming a unity government, restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organization and adopting political partnership.

The diplomatic Quartet committee for Middle East peace (United States, United Nations, European Union, Russia) reaffirmed yesterday that any Palestinian government should meet three demands as preconditions for lifting the current economic embargo; recognizing Israel, accepting past signed agreements and renouncing violence.

The Hamas-led government still rejects the said demands despite the agreement in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Makkah to form a national unity government, including the former ruling party Fatah and other parliamentarian blocs.