Hamas official and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Yahia Mousa, said that the United States and Israel are planning to bring about the collapse of the Palestinian Unity Government, and are trying to ‘justify the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people’.In a press conference, Yahia stated that Hamas does not expect much to be gained from Monday’s trilateral summit between President Mahmoud Abbas, the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

‘This summit might in fact create the basis of incitement against the government’, Mousa said, ‘The United States and Israel are not interested in a Palestinian National Unity Government’. Mousa added that Olmert refuses to hold any talks on the final status solution, the refugees, Jerusalem and the settlements. ‘Israel did not propose any new offer’, Mousa stated, Olmert did not express any willingness to a political process’.

Moreover, Mousa added that Olmert is insisting that the Palestinians implement the first article of the Road Map Plan, which states that all Palestinian resistance factions should be disarmed. ‘This will cause a civil war, it will bring about the collapse of the unity agreement signed in Mecca’, Mousa said, ‘Israel does not want peace, it wants the Palestinians to engage in fighting each other, while it continues its attacks against our people, and the Holy sites, especially the digging near the Al Aqsa Mosque’.

Regarding the proposal of a Palestinian state with temporal borders, Mousa said that the Palestinian people and Hamas reject this proposal ‘especially since it aims at preserving Israel’s interests, and its settlement construction and expansion plans’.

President Mahmoud Abbas also rejected the proposal of a state with temporal borders and called for comprehensive peace talks over a final status solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.