Officials from both Hamas and Fatah declared Thursday that their movments would start constitutional procedures ahead of forming the national unity government agreed upon in the Saudi Arabian city of Macca last week.

Abdelhakim Awad, spokesman of Fatah, said “both movements agreed Thursday to commence constitutional procedures for forming a national unity government”.

Awad added that the meeting due to take place between President Abbas and his Prime Minister Ismail Haniya tonight will work out possible routes to such a bilateral step.

The meeting was held at the office of independent PLC member Ziyd Abu Amr and was attended by Hamas and Fatah seniors, including Samir Almashharawi and Majed Abu Shamala of Fatah,and Mahmoud Alzahar and Khalil Alhaiya of Hamas. The aim of the meeting was to settle disagreements shortly before the Abbas-Haniya meeting.

On Thursday, President Abbas delayed an address to the Palestinian people after Hamas set forth three conditions before embarking on a national unity government talks. Hamas demanded that the decisions made by its government be approved.