Palestinian sources at Rafah border crossing, in the southren Gaza strip, stated that the crossing was reopened on Monday morning.
Wa’el Dahap, the spokesperson of the Palestinian groups working at the crossing, stated that the crossing was opened on Monday morning after the European observers came to their posts at the crossing.

The Rafah crossing is the only way for the Palestinians living in the Gazsa Strip to go in or out of Gaza. This crossing will only be opened if the EU observers are present, according to an agreement that was reached between Israeli authorities and Palestinians last year.

Despite promises to allow third party control of the crossing point, Israel has imposed a military closure on the border 80% of the time since June 2006, and barred the third party observers from reaching their posts.

Several people have died while waiting to pass through the crossing. The Red Cross has had to administer medical care and give basic foodstuffs to travelers, many of whom are journeying to get medical supplies that are not available to them in Gaza.

Wa’el Dahap stated that people started arriving at the crossing in the morning; Dahap said that priority will be given to medical and humanitarian cases.