Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies have launched their Palestine Summer Celebration; a program through which Internationals can learn Arabic, Palestinian History and volunteer at Palestinian civil society organizations.Michael Awad, director of the organization, told IMEMC that this program will be organized annually in partnership with Bethlehem University.

“Three Academic credit hours for each course will be given to the participants according to their request,” Awad stated.

He added that after school, participants will be able to volunteer their time “to serving a good cause based on their skills.”

Participants of this program will be housed with Palestinian families, to share the daily life of Palestinians which will be “a unique experience that might create an everlasting relation between Palestinians and their guests,” Awad added.

The program contains guided day-tours to various Palestinian cities and towns on the weekends, in addition to evening activities and gatherings. The program also aims to enhance the tourism sector in Palestine and promote authentic Palestinian culture.

The Siraj center is a non-governmental organization with an “aim to create links between the Palestinian people and people from around the globe through travel programs, interfaith, ecumenical dialogue and culture and youth exchange programs.”

The Siraj center has also launched the first Palestinian Cycling Club that involves young Palestinian men and women. Their first planned activity is to join the Follow the Women Cycle who will visit Palestine next April.

According to their website, “Follow the Women Cycle is an international movement comprised of approximately 300 ordinary women, from as many as 30 different countries, who support peace and an end to violence in the Middle East. There has never been a greater need for the women of the world to work together for a more peaceful present and future.”