Israeli sources reported on Monday night that six Israeli soldiers were arrested under suspicion that they were involved in weapon sales and drug smuggling through the border with Egypt.The six soldiers are members of the southern command of the Israeli army; they were arrested by the military police for their suspected involvement in weapon and drug deals, the Israeli news source added.

The arrested soldiers were transferred to the Central Unit for Special Investigation for interrogation ; they are expected to be sent to the southern command’s military court on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

A senior Israeli military source reported that others involved in this deal would also be arrested when more evidence become available and clear.

The source added that there is a possibility that the arrested soldiers are also involved with civilian sources in Israel.

The Ynetnews added that the probe into the issue began after officials of the southern command noticed suspicious activity among the soldiers who are serving at the border. On Sunday morning, the police raided the suspects’ unit, and arrested the six; five of them are regular soldiers while the sixth is a non-commissioned officer.

 Yet, a military source in Israel refused to comment whether the six are involved “in criminal or terror activities”.  

 All of the arrestees served in combat units in the Israeli army; some of them are Bedouins in charge of thwarting any border threats or smuggling attempts.