Palestinian villagers, side by side with Israeli supporters, have planted olive trees on lands that are set to by annexed by illegal Israeli settlers south of Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank on Wednesday.
The Israeli supporters who joined the olive tree planting day are from an Israeli human rights group calling itself ‘Rabis for Peace’.

Nasser Al Nawaj’a, a local activist, stated that the lands where the planting took place were only a few meters away from the Yakup Dalia illegal Israeli settlement.

Al Nawaj’a explained that armed settlers coming from Yakup Dalia settlement attack Palestinian farmers on a daily basis, in an attempt to force them out of their land in order for the settlers to expand their settlement.

Local villagers estimate that the land totals at around 100 dunams.

Yakup Dalia is recognized by the Israeli authorities as an illegal settlement post, nevertheless they keep providing the settlers living there with services and protection.