On Thursday at dawn the Israeli army invaded several cities, refugee camps and villages in the northern part of the West Bank, searched houses and abducted two civilians.

Troops invaded Jenin city and Jenin refugee camp then searched and ransacked a number of houses. They abducted Khalid Mir’y, 27, from Jenin city and Mohamed Abu Khalifa, 30, from Jenin refugee camp.

In the meantime, an Israeli force attacked and searched houses in the village of Jalabun, east of Jenin. Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers and army jeeps stormed the village, searched scores of houses and damaged some families’ belongings and left. No abductions here were reported.

Tulkarem city and the nearby Tulkarem and Nur Shamss refugee camps were also attacked on Thursday at dawn.

Troops stormed residents’ houses, searched and ransacked them and forced families outside.

Israeli troops stationed at several checkpoints in the northern West Bank have also continued to impose a tight siege. Troops are not allowing residents under the age of 35 to pass through these military checkpoints, Palestinian media sources reported.