One Israeli illegal settler was found dead on Sunday evening near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

The Israeli police stated that the man was stabbed to death and his body was found in the farm lands of Beit Omer village north of Hebron. The police added that the family of the man wished not to publish his name but affirmed that he is an Israeli settler that had been reported missing since late Sunday afternoon.

Israeli authorities accused Palestinian resistance groups of the attack; so far no Palestinian resistance group have claimed responsibility.

Media sources in Israel stated that Palestinian civilians are the ones who found the man and his car on their farm lands, they called the Palestinian police, who informed the Israeli police force.

Israeli soldiers and police rushed to the scene and searched the farm lands. Even though residents of Beit Omer helped in locating the illegal settler, the Israeli forces attacked and searched the village and ransacked families' belongings.

Two teens from the village were abducted during the attack on the village. They were named as Mussa Quqass, and Mudar Abu Daiah, both aged 17.

The Israeli police did not justify their accusation of Palestinian resistance for the attack, an Israeli online daily reported.