Israeli forces invading the city of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, shot and injured three Palestinian residents, and abducted two others in the Old City. The renewed invasion was carried out on Friday at night. Local sources in Nablus reported that soldiers, backed by dozens of armored vehicles and jeeps, invaded the Old City of Nablus and clashes with dozens of residents.

One of the injured residents, identified as Isam Al Bakry, 19, lost his left arm after being hit by rounds of live ammunition, medical sources in Nablus reported. Two other residents were also injured.

 Troops abducted two brothers identified as Imad and Nihad Mansour; the two brothers were abducted after the army invaded Kafer Qaleel neighborhood in the city.

The invasion was carried out from several directions as 40 armored vehicles and military bulldozers invaded Nablus from Al Tour area, south east of the city, and from Huwwara and Al Quds Streets, south of Nablus.

Also, the army invaded Ras Al Ein area, and Al Qaryoun neighborhood, south of Nablus, and fired rounds of live ammunition at dozens of homes.

On Wednesday, the army announced that “Operation Hot Winter” was concluded in Nablus, but kept several roadblocks in the city and later reinvaded it.

Israeli military officials stated that the operation which lasted for several days last week, “had failed to achieve its objectives”.


Israeli Army Invades the Old City of NablusSaturday March 03, 2007 – 00:02

Israeli army invaded late on Friday night the West Bank old city of Nablus under a barrage of heavy gunfire, IMEMC sources confirmed.At least 65 Israeli armored vehicles stormed the old town of Nablus and have been stationed in the Qaryoun quarter, witnesses told IMEMC.

Witnesses said that the Israeli gunfire wounded local resident Essam Albakri in an explosion that ripped through just beside him. Albakri’s hand has been amputated as his face has been wounded due to the explosion, witnesses added.

Tonight’s invasion comes within a continued Israeli massive attack on the occupied city for the sixth day consecutively, in which one Palestinian has been killed, 36 wounded and 160 others have been taken prisoners.

Observers consider such offensive as the largest in recent years, while the Israeli army has alleged it meant to crack down on ‘wanted Palestinians’.

The Israeli actions in Nablus reflect the Israeli government’s embarrassment due to growing international welcoming of a Palestinian agreement on a unity government, some observers believe.