Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya said Monday that some pertinent issues require further attaention before the unity government can be finalized. He told the weekly cabinet meeting, “We have ended the two-day consultation period. We met with all of the parties and President Abu Mazen gave details of the Arab and European meetings.”The current and designate Prime Minister was speaking from Gaza City today when he said that the problems necessitating additional investigation would be revisited either today or tomorrow, and by the end of next week the new government should be announced.

The United States administration is continuing to disrupt the proceedings, however, and Haniya called on all Arab states to confront the American demand to give up the Right of Return. United Nations Resolution 194 is an individual and collective right which cannot be negotiated away. Nevertheless, if the Americans are able to dismiss it in writing, getting the resolution implemented will become even more difficult.

The Mecca agreement, he said, respects the national consensus which includes the Right of Return  and was accepted by Arab and European actors. Prime Minister Haniya pointed out that the European position is based more in aid and assistance, and tends to respect the will of the Palestinian people, with fewer political demands.

Today Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sent a delegation to Washington to ensure that the US administration does not deal with the Palestinian national unity government while members of the Hamas party hold positions.