Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, met on Monday evening with the acting and designate Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, and agreed on the names of independent candidates who will hold positions in the upcoming unity government.The government is likely to be officially announced by end of the coming week.

 Government spokesperson, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, from the Hamas party, attended the meeting and said that Abbas and Haniyya discussed several important issues headed by appointing Dr. Ziad Abu Amro, as the upcoming Palestinian Foreign Minister.

“There are no major differences and obstacles that would hinder the formation of the unity government”, Hamad stated, “We have minor differences but in general the conditions are assuring”.

 Hamad also said that the only remaining issue is the position of the Minister of Interior, adding that other related issues regarding the qualities of the minister have been resolved.  

“We are nearly there, we will appoint the minister of interior”, Hamad said, “The Executive Force will be dismantled and merged into the security devices after reforming them”.

Abbas and Haniyya also agreed to issue a decree of national reconciliation between Fateh and Hamas in order to stop the internal clashes that took place over the past several months.

Presidency spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rodeina, described the Abbas-Haniyya talks as “positive and heading to the right direction”.

“The government will be announced by the end of next week”, Abu Rodeina stated, “There are no obstacles, we are committed to the Mecca unity deal”.

He also said that the remaining issues are not government related, but they are important issues that affect the daily life of the Palestinian civilians.