Hamas says it will be committed to full cease-fire with Israel if it agrees to persuade the international community to recognize the Palestinian Unity Government and end the embargo.


Hamas said that it “will offer Israel a promise that Hams and Fateh will be committed to a full truce with Israel, including halting the firing of homemade shells and halting suicide bombings”.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he intends to present this new offer to the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in their upcoming meeting which will most likely take place on Sunday.


Yet, the date of the proposed Sunday meeting has not been finalized.


Also, Hamas warned that if Israel continues to press the International Community to keep the siege in place, then the existing partial cease-fire will be in danger, an Israeli online daily reported.


Meanwhile, Olmert said that he intends to pressure Abbas to ensure that the upcoming unity government would adhere to the Quartet's conditions; recognize Israel, renounce violence, and accept the previously signed peace agreements.


Israel is still trying to persuade the Quartet (The European Union, the United States, Russia, and the United Nations) to continue the boycott if the unity government fails to meet the Quartet conditions.


According to the report, Olmert does not intend to announce any measures that would ease the daily life of the Palestinian residents during his meeting with Abbas.


So far, the unity government is unlikely to be finalized before the Abbas-Olmert meeting.


Also, Israeli officials stated that if the unity government does not abide by the Quartet demands, it will boycott both Fateh and Hamas ministers, but “will promote talks with moderate Fateh ministers”.