Ariel settlement, one of the biggest settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank, dumps its sewer in the valleys of of Salfit district, in the northern part of the West Bank, destroying its natural sceneries and parks used by the residents. These areas because totally abandoned as a result of the bad smell and pollution caused by the reckless dumping of sewer by Ariel Israeli settlement.

Resident Othman Mohammad, one of hundreds of local farmers, stated that the residents used to visit Al Matwy area in holidays and feasts, but now the whole area, including an area where a natural spring is located became totally deserted.

“These areas became filled with bad smell, and became polluted”, Mohammad stated, “The sewer of Ariel settlement is flooding the area and destroying it”.

Even the agricultural areas which are close to the sewer-flooded area became isolated since the farmers became unable to farm them as a result of the bad smell.

Several local health institutions in Salfit repeatedly warned the these sewer is causing a dangerous pollution that affects nature and the residents.

The village of Broqeen, near Salfit, is one of the most affected villages since the sewer streams through it despite all efforts to stop it.