A report prepared and published by the Palestinian Information Center – State Information Service, revealed that Israeli soldiers have shot and killed two Palestinians and injured 26 others over the past week.The center reported that the army committed 1139 violations against the Palestinian people during the reported period; March 3rd to March 12th.

The report revealed that soldiers used excessive violence against the Palestinian people, causing the huge number of casualties. The soldiers shelled residential areas, causing massive destruction and resultant losses, and carried out repeated invasions of Palestinian communities.

Soldiers also installed dozens of additional roadblocks closing several Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Authorities annexed more Palestinians lands for the construction of the Illegal Wall.

Troops fired at civilians and private Palestinian property 75 times during the reported period; two civilians were killed, and 26 were injured.

The army carried out 36 “arrest raids” and abducted 162 Palestinians; a total of 54 invasions were conducted during the reported period.

Soldiers broke into dozens of homes, and detained dozens of residents at military checkpoints.

The residents of the occupied territorioes were barred from travelling out of Palestine through the international crossings.

Soldiers installed roadblocks 39 times, and installed 80 temporary checkpoints.

Meanwhile, illegal Isreali settlers carried out at least one attack against the Palestinian residents of the West Bank.

The number of Israeli violations committed since the beginning of 2007 up until March 12th has increased to 12,194. During these attacks, soldiers carried out 480 shooting attacks, killed 22 civilians and injured 356.

During this period, Israeli soldiers installed 954 portable roadblocks and took prisoner 1307 civilians, while settlers carried out 21 attacks against the Palestinian residents of the West Bank.