Palestinian government spokesperson, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, stated on Friday that President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, received assurances from several European countries that they will be willing to recognize the government and deal with it.In a phone interview with the Maan News Agency, Hamad stated that Abbas informed Haniyya that the countries he visited; Norway, France, Belgium, Germany and the UK expressed willingness to deal with the new unity government.

Hamad added that Haniyya received calls from several other EU countries that sent positive signs regarding dealing with the new government, and that these countries believe that the international blockade on the Palestinian government should be lifted.

Regarding the British position that equated dealing with the government with refusing to deal with its Hamas ministers, Hamad stated that “a positive development took place lately” and that this development could lead to a full recognition of the government, and the lifting of the siege.

He also said that the upcoming Arab Summit in Riyadh carries a great significance for the Palestinians.


“There are many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt that are taking practical measures and making extensive contact with the US administration in order to lift the siege”, Hamad said, “These countries are demanding a full recognition of the new government”.

Moreover, Hamad reported that president Abbas will attend the first session of the government in the coming days, and added that announcing the government and voting for its approval will be held on Saturday at 11. a.m.