The Committee of Detainees, part of the Occupied Syrian Golan Coalition, reported on Monday that Israeli soldiers and security services broke last Wednesday morning into the cells of detainees from the occupied Golan Heights, and confiscated their books, letters, documentary films and magazines.

The detainees are held in rooms number four and six in Gabloa' prison, in Beesan area, known in Israel as Bet Shan.

The Palestine News Network reported that parents of the detainees said that when they visited their detained sons on March 19th, they were informed that the attack was carried out after the detainees expressed their positions rejecting the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, and expressing their support for the Lebanese resistance.

The detainees appealed to Syria, and all Human Rights and Law organizations to intervene in order to ease the suffering caused by the illegal Israeli practices against them.

The detainees considered this attack as part of the Israeli policy that aims at crushing their struggle and their connection with their families in Syria and in the occupied Golan Heights.