The National And Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements held a nonviolent protest against the Israeli Annexation Wall in Izbit Al Tabeeb village, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia on Sunday. Several ministers and legislators participated in the protest along with international peace activists.The Palestine News Network reported that among the participants were the Minister of Justice, Mohammad Al Aloul, members of the Palestinian Legislative Council Hasan Khreisha, Khalida Jarrar, Waleed Assaf, Ahmad Hazza’, and Abdul-Rahman Barham.

The governor of Qalqilia and several national figures also participated in the protest.

Dr. Mohammad Al Abboushy, one of the leaders of the Palestinian National Initiative, also participated in the protests and stated that this nonviolent act comes to affirm the Palestinian steadfastness and determination to resist the occupation, settlements and the Annexation Wall.

Al Abboushy added that the Palestinian struggle against the occupation is a struggle for land, and that the real approach for peace comes by ending the Israeli occupation, removing the settlements and establishing an independent Palestinian state in the territories occupied since 1967.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Mohammad Al Aloul, said that the struggle with the occupation is a struggle for land and existence, and that Israel is attempting the bar the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian independent state by constructing the Wall and settlements.

He demanded that the international community act against the Annexation Wall and settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Also, the Qalqilia governor said that the area is subjected to a “fierce attack by the construction of settlements and the Wall” since the Wall turned Qalqilia and its surrounding villages and town into closed prisons.

“These acts represent one of the worst acts of racial discrimination in modern history”, he added.

Several legislators said that this protest is also a call for national unity among the Palestinian people and factions in order to be united against the Israeli settlement and annexation activities that target the Palestinian presence and the Palestinian independent state.