Different parts of the Gaza Strip have suffered internal unrest over the past 24 hours, including shootouts, abductions and thefts that led to the injury of one resident as well as damage to locals’ property.

Palestinian security sources reported that guards of the chief of Protection and Monitoring department of the Palestinian security forces have come across an anonymous drive-by shooting near the Saraya security compound in Gaza. No injuries were reported.

In the meantime, another drive-by shooting has taken place in Khan Younis' Palestinian security compound in southern Gaza. Security personnel retaliated to the fire, while no causalities were reported.

In the northern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Jabalya, an explosive device was detonated on the front door of the house of Ne’man Ziyara early on Sunday morning, causing damage to the house and inflicting no injuries. Ziyara was reportedly exposed to abduction by unknown gunmen.

In the central Gaza Strip, unknown gunmen opened fire at Palestinian resident Fadel Mahmoud, after attempting to abduct him. Mahmoud was admitted to hospital for treatment.

In addition, unknown assailants opened fire on resident Jabber Khalil near the Hammouda gas station, to the north of Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, a mini bus owned by resident Mohammad Mahmoud from the Alnasser Street in Gaza city, was stolen by unknown gunmen.

Internal unrest in the Gaza Strip has been omnipresent for several months, as Fatah and Hamas major Palestinian factions have been engaged in an internecine power-struggle that came to a halt in February after both sides agreed to a ceasefire.