The Israeli army shelled late last night the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, as a Palestinian girl died of wounds she sustained by Israeli gunfire three years ago.

Palestinian media sources said that the Israeli tanks stationed along the Gaza-Israel border fired several shells at unpopulated areas in Beit Hanoun. No causalities were reported.

Israeli army gunfire killed yesterday a Palestinian resistance fighter and wounded two others.

In the meantime, Palestinain medical sources announced Thursday the death of a 17 year old Palestinian girl named Tahrir Abueljidyan, who sustained critical wounds three years ago when she was shot be Israeli troops in the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Abueljidyan was shot in the head during a large-scale Israeli invasion of the northern parts of the Gaza Strip in 2004.

Recently, the Israeli army has reinforced military presence along the Israel-Gaza border line after Israeli security officials have warned of a possible massive attack on the Gaza Strip, under the pretext of cracking down on Palestinian resistance factions.