Six protestors, among them two Israeli activists, were injured today in a non-violent protest against the illegal Israeli wall. The protest was conducted in the village of Al Ma'assara, near Bethlehem in the southern region of the West Bank on Friday midday. Local villagers, joined by international and Israeli supporters marched after the Friday prayers towards the construction site of the illegal Israeli wall which is being built on the village land. In symbolism of Good Friday, protestors carried a large cross. A member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, known as Muhammad Brijia, tied himself to the cross to represent the suffering of the Palestinian people. Muhammad stated that "2000 years after Lord Jesus was crucified, his people are still suffering under a cruel and violent military occupation which targets humans, trees and even the land itself". Upon arrival at the construction site, the protestors were met by a massive Israeli army force. Protestors tried to sit down in front of the bulldozers which are destroying the village land, but Israeli soldiers violently attacked the unarmed activists with batons, sound bombs and rifle butts. Six protestors were injured, among them two Israeli supporters. The director of the Holy Land Trust, Mr. Sami Awal, and two field paramedics who had joined the protest to provide any necessary medical aid was also injured by Israeli troops.