Palestinian media sources said that a Palestinian resident of the northern Gaza Strip was shot and moderately wounded early on Sunday during an armed clash.

The man identified as Khaled Hammad, according to witnesses, was hit near the Sheikh Zayed residential neighborhood in Beit Lahia city in northern Gaza. Wafa News Agency reported that the clashes erupted between Fatah supporters and members of the Hamas-linked interior ministry’s executive force formed by former interior minister, Said Siyam of Hamas.

This incident occurred less than 24 hours after the Palestinian cabinet endorsed a security plan, aimed at containing  internal unrest in the Gaza Strip that has been continuous for the past four months.

At least 350 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds others have been wounded during armed clashes between the rival Hamas and Fatah factions, in what has been considered a power struggle. Hamas and Fatah agreed in February to a ceasefire in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca, in a bid to end bloody confrontations. In March, they also joined the first-ever Palestinian unity government.