Two Palestinian women were injured by Israeli army that invaded the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia and surrounded a house there, on Saturday morning. The Israeli army stormed the city of Qalqilia and surrounded a house overlooking Nablus Street in the city center, army snipers took positions on top of neighboring houses and opened fire at the two women who were on their roof top watching the military invasion. Fida Amer aged 29, was shot in the shoulder and Sahar Nazal, aged 40, was shot in the shoulder as well, medical sources in the city reported. The brother of Nazzal, Mohamed, stated his sister was in the house of her disabled brother, during the invasion she tried to go back to her house from the roof top, the army sniper shot her. Mohamed added the army did not allow the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance to evacuate his sister to the hospital and detained the car for some time the allowed it to get to Nazal. Palestinian sources in the city said that the Israeli army had surrounded the house of Ali Nazal who was abducted recently in wide scale abduction campaign the Isreli forces did in the city of Qalqilia.