The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that Palestinian Security devices managed to obtain information regarding the fate of the abducted BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, and that he is alive.Johnston was abducted by an armed group in the Gaza Strip on March 12; his fate remained unknown as his captors did not issue any video or audio material that could confirm that he is alive.

Well informed sources reported on Thursday that the security devices contacted president Mahmoud Abbas, who is visiting Stockholm – Sweden, and informed him of the latest positive developments.

The recent information regarding Johnston is considered a positive step towards a peaceful solution to the issue, especially since the Palestinian Security Devices had previously failed in obtaining precise information regarding the fate and whereabouts of Johnston.

The recent information voids previous rumors that Johnston was executed on Sunday by his captors, who belong to a previously unknown group calling itself Al Tawheed Wal-Jihad.

Since the abduction of Johnston, hundreds of Palestinian Journalists have held strikes and demanding his safe and unconditional release. Palestinian factions and civil institutions also slammed the abduction and considered it harmful to the legitimate Palestinian struggle and cause.