A series of internal incidents had taken place in the Gaza Strip, leaving one boy dead and seven others injured.

In the northern Gaza Strip, Muhammad As-Sa’di was announced dead Monday night after having been hit by a stray bullet while playing near his home, stated Moa’wiya Hasanain, the chief of the emergency department at the Alshifa hospital in Gaza City.

Circumstances surrounding the killing remained unclear. In a separate incident, two Palestinians were wounded during a clash in the Palestine playground in Gaza City. In central Gaza Strip, on the coastal road, a Palestinian pharmacist, Jamal Ad-Daf, and his son Ibrahim, were exposed to gunfire by unknown gunmen while they were driving along the coastal road.

Palestinian sources said the gunmen intercepted the car and then robbed it after they had opened fire on its occupants. In the Shat’ refugee camp, west of Gaza City, three Palestinian residents were reportedly wounded in a mysterious explosion that ripped through a local house.

On Monday, Palestinian interior minister Hani Qawasmi, rescinded a resignation after Prime Minister Ismail Haniya rejected it. The attempted resignation came 10 days after minister Qawasmi announced a security plan in a bid to restore law and order to the costal region.