A group of Palestinian journalists and some foreign media people protested Wednesday at the Eritz checkpoint (Beit Hanoun checkpoint) on Gaza-Israel border line in northern Gaza Strip, against the ongoing abduction of BBC reporter

On the Israeli side of the border, an Israeli group, along with other international journalists were coincidently holding their own demonstration.

Both sides of the border are being sealed off by the Israeli authorities, while the protest was being held.

The protest came within a series of similar moves by the Palestinian and international journalists in Gaza, Ramallah and London, as Jhonston is still under captivity by unknown group over the past six weeks.

Palestinian deputy prime minister, Azzam Al-Ahmad, confirmed Tuesday that Jhonston is still alive, whilst the security bodies are working on securing his release.

Al-Ahmad’s statement came few days after President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed from Europe, where he is having a tour, that Johnston is alive and safe.

Jo Floto, a senior producer at the BBC, who was taking part in the protest on Eritz, confirmed that the BBC, has not been directly informed about Jhonston’s status.

Floto has praised the ongoing Palestinian journalists’ efforts including protests, to secure the release of Johnston.

Shuhdi Alkashef, chairman of the Palestinian committee for protecting journalist, told IMEMC that the Palestinian journalists would escalate their protests in the coming days until Johnston is released.

“We will organize a hunger strike in the main Gaza square and we will discuss other protest actions in the coming days”, he confirmed.

Several days ago, a previously unknown group announced it had executed Johnston, yet such reports have not been confirmed by any independent body.

Johnston is said to be the first foreign journalist, who endures the longest period of captivity in Gaza.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Human Rights center, 55 foreign people including journalists and workers have been abducted and released unharmed in Gaza over the past three years.