Dr. Sa’eb Erekat, head of the Negotiation Department at the Palestinian Liberation Organization, stated on Thursday that the Palestinian leadership values the Egyptian efforts to enforce the truce, and called on the international community to pressure Israel to cancel its plans to reinvade the Gaza Strip.Erekat added that any truce should be implemented by both parties, adding that Egypt is conducting enormous efforts in order to bar Israel from carrying out its renewed large-scale offensive in the Gaza Strip.

He stated that the Israeli threats will only lead to an expansion in the cycle of violence, and will only bring destruction to the Israelis and the Palestinians alike.

Also, Erekat pointed out that the president and the government are holding talks with the United States and European Countries in order to discuss barring Israel from carrying out its planned offensive. He added that “the president and the government reaffirmed their commitment to the truce”, and called on all factions to have restraint in order to avoid further escalation.

He called on the international community to put pressures on Israel to deter it from carrying out its plans.

Commenting on insecurity and chaos in the Gaza Strip, Erekat said that “what is happening now negatively affects the Palestinian cause and struggle internationally”.

He called on the unity government to speed up its security plan, and called on all factions to co-operate in facilitating the implementation of the plan in order to maintain internal security and to stop all incidents of chaos and insecurity.