A spokesperson of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, slammed the Israeli Saturday attack in the Gaza Strip where three Palestinians were killed in an Israeli shelling to an area east of Gaza City.The spokesperson added that “this crime proves that the Israeli government is ongoing with its assassination policies”, and is still disregarding the Palestinian commitment to the truce and the repeated  Palestinian calls to maintain it and expand it to the West Bank.

He added that “this crime is a strike to all efforts practiced by different parties to launch the peace process and return to the negotiations table.

“The army killed nine Palestinians last week in Jenin, Nablus and Gaza”, the spokesperson added, “and today soldiers killed three more Palestinians”.

He held the Israeli government responsible to the Israeli attacks and accused it of acting in order to foil the efforts to maintain the truce.

The spokesperson also called on the international community and the Quartet committee to interfere, stop the Israeli attacks and to provide the Palestinian people with the needed protection.