A Palestinian resident of the Khan Younis city, south of Gaza Strip, has been reportedly wounded after being abducted by unknown gunmen.

Media sources at the Palestinian national security forces, said that gunmen abducted Abdelnaser Abu Ammouna in Khan Younis, then began beating him severely.

The sources added that Ammouna was found on the Khan Younis shore.

Since late December2006, the Gaza Strip has seen an unprecedented internal violence involving Hamas-Fatah fighting, family feuds, robberies and attacks on residents’ properties as well as abductions.

Almost two weeks ago, the Palestinian interior ministry launched a 100-day security plan in a bid to end such lawlessness in the coastal region.

The Gaza Strip and West Bank have been hit by the highest poverty rate and destabilized politics since the international community has imposed an economic boycott on the Hamas-led government after January2006’s parliamentary elections.

International players have called on the now Hamas-led coalition government to recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept past signed agreements with Israel before it wins international recognition.