Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, informed Israel that ambassadors of EU countries in Israel will not attend the Israeli celebrations that marks the 40th anniversary since Israel illegally occupied the East of Jerusalem in 1967, and united the city with West Jerusalem as its capital. The EU issued an official statement on Thursday and stated that an official letter was sent to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Knesset.

The East of Jerusalem was captured in 1967 when Israel occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, therefore it is considered an occupied territory, and the Israeli activities and expansions in the city and around it are illegal.

Meanwhile, senior Israeli sources reported that Israel invited Egypt and Jordan to participate in the event, but expressed doubts that the ambassadors will show up. 

Also, the sources added that the Israeli government is now carrying diplomatic moved in an attempt to convince Europe to participate in the ceremony.

A spokesperson of the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that Jerusalem is the united capital of Israel, and that it will remain so.

 On Sunday morning, sources at the German embassy in Israel informed that Israeli Ynetnews online daily that the future of Jerusalem should be determined through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians

 The sources added that Germany will not attempt to force other European countries not to participate in the celebrations, but Germany cannot be part of such celebrations since this participation would imply recognition of the unilaterally set borders of Jerusalem.