Media Office of the Popular Committees in Palestine slammed on Monday the renewed violent clashes between gunmen of Hamas and Fateh, and stated that these clashes and all sorts of chaos and insecurity must be resolved immediately.The Committees also stated that it is unfortunate that after the Palestinians managed to achieve the Mecca Unity Deal, deadly clashes have returned to the streets of Gaza, and added that the delay of implementing the security plan which was prepared by the Ministry of Interior also caused further deterioration in the security situation in the Gaza Strip.

Azmi Al Shiokhy, Secretary-general of the Committees said that these clashes are shameful and totally rejected since they harm the Palestinian cause and struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Al Shiokhy demanded the Palestinian Authority to implement the security plan without any further delays in order to end the chaos and insecurity.

He called on the clashing parties to have self-restrained and to contain these unfortunate incidents in order to advance with implementing the Mecca deal and end the state of insecurity.

Also, the Media Office slammed killing of journalist Suleiman Al Ash-shi, who worked at the Palestine newspaper, and also slammed the burning of the media office of Fateh spokesperson Maher Miqdad. Two other reporters, who accompanied Al Ash-shi, were injured.

The office stated that these are serious violations against the journalists and called on all national and Islamic factions, and every concerned Palestinian, to act immediately against all forms of chaos, and attacks against the institutions, residents, local and foreign journalists.

In its statement, the office called for the immediate protection of all journalists and added that these attacks, and chaos, are rejected since they harm the Palestinian cause and legitimate struggle against the occupation.  

Moreover, Independence Newspaper, issued in Gaza, released a statement calling on all factions to unite and end the internal clashes.

The paper stated that the Israeli occupation benefits from these clashes, and benefits from a divided and weak Palestinian media outlets.

The paper slammed all sorts of tension and internal fighting, and slammed the killings and attacks against reporters.