Palestinian Minister of Information and spokesperson of the National Unity Government Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi called upon all Palestinian and Arab media outlets to refrain from over reporting and magnifying the infighting incidents in the Gaza Strip.He told a press conference at the Palestine Media Center in Ramallah that the media should avoid broadcasting or publishing any inflammatory material that may contribute in fueling the situation on internal unrest.

Dr. Barghouthi also warned the media against being overwhelmed with the Gaza incidents and under report or not report at all, other incidents in Palestine, reciting the closure of the old city of Jerusalem by a group of settlers on Wednesday.

Dr. Barghouthi demanded the media people not to fall into the trap of becoming part of the infighting between Hamas and Fatah and to remain objective in reporting the incidents.

He also called upon the captors of the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) Alan Johnston who has been kidnapped since 45 in Gaza to release him, and expressed solidarity with the journalists who were trapped at Al-Jazeera office Wednesday night because of a cross fire in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah.