The Israeli Military enacted on Wednesday a military decision to close the Palestinian legislative office belonging to the Refrom and Change bloc, linked to Hamas, in the West Bank city of Hebron for two years. Also on Tuesday, troops kidnapped two civilians from Hebron after storming and searching their homes, with the previous head of the intelligence service being among those kidnapped. The two captives, Netham Al Ja'bari 40 and Roshdi Salaymeh, 26, were taken to an unknown location. PLC office sources reported that the army stormed the building, damaged the main door, ransacked the office, and confiscated electrical and other equipment, including documents belonging to civilians. The PLC office condemned the decision, stating that Israeli authorities are aiming to disrupt Palestinian democracy and the duties of PA officials through kidnapping and office closure. The PLC called for international and human rights parties to take action in order to prevent such continued violations against the Palestinian people and their elected representatives.