Dr. Ahmad Bahar, the acting head of the Palestinian Legislative Council slammed on Thursday that Israeli abduction of several Palestinian ministers, mayors and officials, and slammed the Israeli shelling of civilian houses in the Gaza Strip.Dr. Bahar stated that the Israeli government “is infected with moral and political blindness and cannot act without killing children, women and elderly, and without kidnapping the democratically elected officials and representatives of the Palestinian people”.

Dr. Bahar also slammed the shelling of the house of legislator Khalil Al Hayya in Gaza, killing several members of his family, and slammed the shelling of the house of legislator Um Nidal Fahrat, and legislator Jameela Al Shanty which led to killing several members of their families.

He also slammed that Israeli attacks against several offices of legislators in the West Bank, and shutting their offices down.

Currently there are forty legislators kidnapped by the Israeli army, most of them were abducted last year, including the head of the legislative council Dr. Aziz Dweik. On Wednesday, the army 33ministers, legislators and mayors, including Nasser Ed Deen Al Sha’er the Minister of Education, and legislators Hamid Al Beetawi and Daoud Abu Sier along with several others officials.

The Legislative Council held Israel responsible for the lives of the abducted officials, and stated that these attacks aim at ending the role of the Council which was democratically elected by the Palestinian people.  

Also, Dr. Bahar called on the Palestinian people to unite and direct their resistance against the occupation in order to achieve liberation and establish the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and achieve the right to return to all Palestinian refugees.

He called on legal institutions around the globe, the United Nations, Arab, Islamic and International parliaments to intervene and stop the Israeli military escalation against the Palestinian people and their elected leadership.