Two Hamas resistance fighters of the Alqassam brigades, have been reportedly killed and nine others, mainly bystanders, wounded in a new Israeli strike on eastern Gaza, medical sources said.

Witnesses said that an Israeli warplane fired a missile on a Volkswagens car, while traveling in eastern Gaza.


The two were identified as Ra’ed Ghattas “Abu Al Waleed”, and Adnan Sbeita, both are members of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hams. At least four other residents were injured in the attack.

Earlier in the day, another Israeli air strike pounded an outpost belonging to the interior ministry’s executive force to the south of Gaza city, wounding three Palestinians ate least, witnesses and medics said.

The Israeli aerial offensive on Gaza has started last week, targeting positions of the executive force, in what Israel says ‘a response to homemade shells’, Palestinian resistance groups have fired over the past week

Other targets such as shops and stores have been hit during these attacks, the latest were food stores and money exchange shops. The executive force has been formed by former Palestinian interior minister of Hamas, Said Siyam.

The force has never claimed responsibility for any attacks against Israel. Palestinian factions had offered a cease of the homemade shells, provided that Israel stops its attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, so that a ceasefire can be reached between the two sides.

One week of Israeli strikes on Gaza has yet claimed the lives of more than 40 Palestinians including 7 children and wounded more than 130 others. Homemade shells have caused the death of one Israeli woman and wounded about 17 others, mostly slight injuries in nearby Israeli towns.