Israeli military forces implemented several operations in Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank on Wednesday morning.
Security sources in Anata reported that the army kidnapped Ahmad Shehab, 32, at a flying checkpoint near the entrance to Hebron City. Shehab, an agricultural engineer, was on his way to work in Anata town.

In Beit Kahel and Al Thahryia in Hebron, the army kidnapped 4 civilians. In Al Thahryia army ransacked homes and kidnapped 3 civilians. Local security sources identified the kidnapped as Mousa Qaysiya, Ibrahim Qaysiya and Wa’el Qaysiya. While in Beit Kahel the army kidnapped Mou’en Al Zohoor, 25.

In Raboud town near Hebron, troops invaded the town, initiating a widespread search including fields, caves and homes.

In Athana town near Hebron, during an Israeli operation implemented in the area, army stormed the area, ransacked homes and assaulted a civilian.