Responding to a statement by Lieutenant Ahmad Al Haddar, head of the Palestinian National Security in Bethlehem district, regarding arresting members of the Hamas-formed Executive Force in Bethlehem over the last two days, Hamas issued a statement denying these claims. The Security Forces announced that its members arrested members of three groups belonging to the Executive Force in Bethlehem. The Executive Force formed by Hamas in Gaza last year, was labeled as illegal by the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamas stated that there are no executive force members in Bethlehem or any other place in the West Bank and accused the Palestinian Security Forces, loyal to Fateh, of arresting and torturing members of the movement under such claims.

Hamas added that Palestinian Security Forces in the West Bank and subduing to pressures by Israel and are “acting alongside with the occupation forces”.

Hamas also called on the Palestinian Security devices in the West Bank to stop their arrest campaigns against Hamas members and supporters in the West Bank.